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About the CULL

The CULL is a competitive men's lacrosse league providing multiple divsions from the open Elite division to divisions based on age in the Masters (28+), Super Masters (38+), and Grand Masters (47+).  All players must be 18 or older and out of high school.

The Season The CULL play starts in March with and Playoff games ending before Memorial Day.

Games are on Sundays (mornings/early afternoon) and played Redstone Park in Highlands Ranch ( 3280 Redstone Park Cir, Highlands Ranch, CO 80129).

We schedule to be off on Easter and Mother's Day, however we reserve Mother's Day for make-up games due to inclement weather.

Games Times The CULL plays games in the order of divisions (unless there are logistical issues):

Grand Masters (47+)
Super Masters (38+)
Masters (28+)

Elite Division (18+)

Fields The CULL plays on the fields at Redstone Park. This provides us with a site where we can have multiple fields (both grass and turf) all in one location.  The turf fields help us to have games when weather prevents games to be played on grass fields due to Parks and Recs departments canceling play on wet fields.

Online Registration and Payments Players will need to sign up on-line and make their payments directly to the league. The league pays for the fields, referees, scorekeepers, balls, etc.
The on-line registration also helps to ensure the rosters are updated on the website.
Each player will need to go through a two step process of registering and paying for the season.
Roster Management and Statistics Minimum number of players per team is 21 with a maximum of 28. This is to help attempt to prevent forfeits from teams not having enough players and from teams and trying to keep teams competitive. If a team needs additional players the league will make an attempt to help those teams to find players from the free agents looking for a team.

Simple stats will be kept for the season including the number of games played for each individual player. We ask that players check in at every game.

Competition and League Development Divisions and inter-league play will be set based on the number of teams that register for the season.
The league will be broken down into divisions with 3-8 teams in order to have more evenly based competition in the scheduling of games.

With any Inter-division play will do our best to keep games competitive.

The age for the Masters division is 28+, Super Masters is 38+, and Grand Masters is 47+.

If there are enough free agents registered we will work hard to find teams for the “Free Agents”.  As in years past we may have a game to evaluate skills for appropriate levels and try to find spots for players looking for a team. This will also help to fill in rosters for teams that may be light on players, but the most important part is to try and include as many players as possible in our league.

All Star Games
All Star games feature the top players from our league.  These have been good games in past seasons and we are constantly working to improve them every year.
Final Comments on This Communication We know that we cannot please everyone. We promise we will listen to our players to continue to grow and develop the league.

We want to make sure that we are growing the lacrosse community and building a strong league for the future; one where we can all support one another and be proud to be a part of a league that listens and really does care about the sport and its players.

It’s because of you that we are doing what we are doing. We sincerely wish everyone the best of luck this season and we want to thank you for being a part the Colorado United Lacrosse League.

Thank you

Colorado United Lacrosse League

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