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The Colorado United Lacrosse League is always interested in recruiting new players and helping free agents find a team.

The Colorado United Lacrosse League is a men's competitive lacrosse league for players over the age of 18 and out of high school.

If you are interested in joining a team for the Spring 2019 season, please complete our Player Registration form found on the Player Registration page and be sure to include contact information and the league in which you are looking for a team. (See below for league descriptions) 

The team captains are responsible for finding players for their rosters.  The league will certainly help to try and find roster spots, but can not guarantee open roster spots. 

We suggest you wait until you are certain you are on a team before paying or obtaining US Lacrosse membership for this league as it is handled through US Lacrosse.

Your contact information will be shared with captains looking for players.

The Colorado United Lacrosse League may host a Free Agent exhibition game before the start of the season in order for players to meet captains and capatains and staff to evaluate players and help to find the right fit for players and leagues.

If there is not an "orphans" or free agent team this season in your division we will share your information with teams that have contacted us looking for players for you, but we can not promise a roster spot will be open this season.

To help you identify the right league for you here's a brief description of the divisions:

  Elite This is the Elite, top league made up of some of the best post-collegiate lacrosse players in Colorado.  Many players in this league have played in high school or college and some professionally as well.  Young guns and crafty veterans welcomed!  This is the league for player under 28 years of age (but welcomes those over 28 as well).

-  Masters You must be 28 years of age and over during this calendar year of 2018.  Many players in this league have played lacrosse for a number of years.

-  Super Masters You must be 38 years of age and over during this calendar year of 2018.

- Grand Masters You must be 47 years of age and over during this calendar year of 2018.

Grand Masters (over 47) - please go to the Player Registration page to register.   We will work to place free agents onto a team if they do not currently have one.  The league will have a slightly shorter season than the other divisions, but longer than previous years.

Please be sure to enter your birthdate including year of birth into the registration form to avoid any delays.

For any questions about free agent registration, please contact us at the following email address:


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