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All players please enter required information marked with an asterisk (*) and acknowledge the Waiver and Release of All Claims before you submit the form by clicking on the Register button at the bottom of the page. To save potential follow-up emails, please be sure to enter the year you were born for the Birthdate as this is used to validate eligibility for leagues.

Players who already have a team, please also select your team name. Grand Masters players select Grand Master Free Agent under the Team field and complete the form such as Position, Former Teams and Years and Additional Information to help the league place you onto one of the Grand Masters teams.

Free Agents (other than Grand Masters) please do not select a team, but select the league in which you wish to participate in the desired league field. Free Agents should also complete the form such as Contact Phone Number, Position, Former Teams and Years and Additional Information to help the league find the right fit for you.

Please note that because you have the option to request a team to register with does not mean you will be guaranteed a roster spot on that team as captains determine their team rosters.

Please also note if the season has begun, if rosters are locked, or if there is not a roster spot available for you, your information will be kept on file for the next season.

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For the sole consideration of submitting this document and participating in the Colorado United Lacrosse League, Player as electronically signed by submittal of this form, the receipt and sufficiency of which are hereby acknowledged by these presents do for myself, my heirs, personal representative, hereby release, acquit and forever discharge the Colorado United Lacrosse League, its officers, directors, and participants and the referees of said league, and the heirs, personal representatives, of and from any and all action, claims and demands, damages, costs, loss of services, expenses and compensation on account of or in any way growing out of any known and unknown injuries or damages resulting or to result from the Players participation in the Colorado United Lacrosse League for any reason of negligence or conduct of the league.

This submittal covers all future participation in the Colorado United Lacrosse League.

The player acknowledges that the league is a not-for-profit entity and that the participation in the league is designed for fun and active participation and as such releases, indemnify and saves harmless the people referenced above from all claims and demands, costs, loss of service, expenses and compensation on account of or in any way growing out of the players participation in the league.

Player hereby affirms that this Release is in every sense total and complete and covers not only those claims that are known, but such claims as may in the future arise on account of any loss, detriment or damage of any kind or character whatsoever sustained by Player as a result of the participation described above.

Player for a portion of the consideration herein set forth, expressly undertakes and assumes the risk that is inherent in the participation in a contact sport such as lacrosse and the player is fully informed as to the risks inherent in the participation in the game of lacrosse.

Player further expressly understands and agrees that submitting this document offers a physical or electronic signing of this Waiver and Release of All Claims shall be forever binding and no rescission, modification or release of the Player by the league from the terms of this Agreement and Release will be made for any mistakes as set forth herein.

As the league does not provide medical coverage, by submitting this document, Player acknowledges that he currently maintains required personal medical insurance or will obtain personal medical insurance prior to participation in any Colorado United Lacrosse League play.

I understand that the CULL has adopted a zero-tolerance policy for unsportsmanlike behavior. This policy calls for expulsion from a league game for any infraction, and the expelled player may not be allowed to play in his team's subsequent league games dependent upon a review by the board.


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