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Colorado United Lacrosse League Spring Season Starts Sunday March 24

CULL Players,
The league is pushed back a week as the fields are closed due to still being partially covered in snow and too wet to play on. They don't want us ruining the fields the first week of the season.
We will have the full schedule uploaded to the website and sent out soon.
As a reminder:
  • Grand Masters games will be played at 9am (starting 3/31)
  • Super Masters games will be played at 10:30am and 12pm (6 teams using 2 fields)
  • Elite and Masters games will be played at 1:30pm

There is still time to get registered and on a team

Please remember that registration requires 2 steps to be on a roster.  You need to register including to accept the waiver and also pay

the player payment.

The CULL will start the season on Sunday March 17 and be running until May 19 (with Easter and Mothers Day off).   We will play on the fields at Redstone park to be able to have everyone in one location.  It's $89 per player for Elite (18+), Masters (28+) and Super Masters (38+) / $59 for Grand Masters (47+). 

At this point if you are a free agent please visit the Free Agent page for information and the  Player Registration
page to sign up, BUT also send us a quick email as well
For those of you who know Dax Roane, or are simply in the lacrosse community, please see the following Go Fund Me page and consider giving:


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